Surgical Gown

A wraparound sterile gown used to cover clean working clothes (shirt and trousers) when carry out aseptic medical or surgical activities We provide this surgical gown including full gown with extra dripping protection, surgeon’s gown, half gown etc. Our offered surgical gown has gained exceptional value among customers due to its remarkable quality Number of threads: warp 24, weft 24 Metric count: warp 28, weft 28 Metric count: warp 28, weft 28 - Weight per m²: 180g Woven polyester and cotton (50%-50%), heat set Preferably 100% cotton, cretonne fabric

Pattern : Plain

Color : Blue

Material Type : Non Woven

Packaging Type : Packet

Is It Disposable : Disposable

Gsm : 35-50

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